Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spring is Back!

Lyza is so funny to watch when she is talking on the phone. She always paces, and usually in circles
Mason loves to sway back and forth (probably from being left in his jumper too much). But when he has his blanket on his head it is even more silly
They are cute when they are playing together
 Nixon loves this giant toonie he got from his grandparents
 We had a family home evening lesson that talked about sharing the gospel with others and talked about the light of Christ. So for an activity we played around in the dark with a mirror and a flashlight

 I don't always eat fruit loops, but when I do, I eat them out of a frying pan
 This monkey really wants to learn how to do a hand stand
 I love watching Nixon dancing in his ninja costume
 Mason likes to point out things like ears and noses
Mason likes playing with these Batman foam toys in the bath

 I don't know how to describe this video...
Isn't Mason looking sharp with his new haircut?
 Spider-man leading the dance crew
 Nixon was so happy to get this card in the mail from his Aunt Terry
 Last Saturday I got to take the kids to Home Depot and make periscopes

I think those boots are a little big on you Mason
 Nixon wasn't too happy to be getting shots at the doctor's
 Meanwhile Lyza was at a birthday party at the fire station
 I was commissioned to make a large fancy "L" for Kim as a decoration for Lyza's room
This is what the L eventually turned into
 Nice slipper Mason 
 It was fun working on this giant puzzle with the kids last week before church
 Mason loved playing with these felt figures during sacrament
 Kim had to take brownies to a primary activity Sunday night. This is what Nixon and Lyza left her with...
 He takes his reading so seriously some times
 For the treat for our FHE last week we made yogurt parfaits
 Nixon approved
 He was excited to wear this new Spider-man shirt
 When Nixon and Lyza dusted off their scooters Nixon was reunited with this Spider-man that was left in the pouch of his scooter all winter 

 Kim has some fun mommy time with Lyza...see how Lyza is holding the cards like a big kid!
 Mason is laying a balloon...
 The boys loved their play dough time
 Lyza had a crazy sock day at school so Kim let her borrow a pair of my work socks and also tied one in her hair. 
 If Kim ever tries to get some rest these kids always seem to end out in bed with her
 Mason is SOOO happy to be outside 
 The kids helped Kim cut out a bunch of small dinosaur shapes with the Silhouette 
 Then Kim started placing them on Lyza's wall
 Lyza helped too
 Lyza's room is now finally all decorated. Here are the final results

 Nixon got a new bike because the back tire on his old bike got worn all the way through. He was happy to try out his new bike yesterday (the snow is almost gone!)
 Mason wanted to get one last snow shoveling session in
 Nixon helped me clean out the garage yesterday. He loves using the shop vac
 What are you serving Mason?
I am going to leave you with a frog
Take care and enjoy the warmer weather (unless you live in Canada, then just keep dreaming ;)

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Happy Birthday Nixon!

These kids are proud of this dinosaur we made. Look how long that neck is!
 Mason loves visit teaching when there is a dog to play with
 The kids hard at work writing on their Valentine's
 Look at those beautiful bags they decorated
 Good job Mason!
 Kim organized an exchange again at church this year and they had a good turn out

 I heard Nixon crying and screaming from his room one night and this is what I found
Someone loves her and made her pancakes for breakfast
 Too big for his high chair?
 Kim got to help with Lyza's class on Valentine's day

We had some chocolate strawberries and Mason LOVED them
Mason got into a stamp...
 Heavy load
 These kids are proud of their snowman
 Mason helping shovel the drive way
 And checking out the snowman that the kids made the day before

 Kim and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary!
 She is wonderful!
 Nice boots Mason
 Last Saturday I decided to do some painting. I painted both Nixon's and Lyza's room. What a long day!
 Kim thinks I buy roses for her. I actually buy them for myself because I think they are so pretty

Driver's training in progress 
 Kim woke up to find Nixon next to the fireplace. He was cold
 Batman walked his sister to the bus
 It's not very often that Kim is able to honestly tell me that the kids are acting like angels
 She likes this activity
 This boy was so excited to get some mail
 We let the kids open a present each this week
We are really excited
Well, maybe I shouldn't be speaking for Mason
 Kim put Nixon to work making his own birthday cake this year 
 They had to watch it bake
Look at that chocolate milk mustache
 Nixon woke up on the 23rd and he was 4 years old! He thought that was so crazy
He asked for chocolate chip pancakes and that is what he got 
 He got to open up a ninja costume before I left for work. He has been wearing it non-stop now for days
 The kids got to play at the gymnastics place

 Nixon had lots of help opening presents

 Mason got a hold of the remote and had lots of fun pretending he could control the tv
 This book and puzzle combo is lots of fun
 This is the birthday cake (he doesn't really like cake but loves strawberries)

 Happy Birthday Nixon!
Yesterday Kim took the kids to the bounce house while I was judging a mock trial competition all day

Here comes Nixon
This is what I found when I checked on Lyza before bed last night. So cute!
 Mason at Stake Conference this morning
 That's all for now. Take care