Monday, September 17, 2018

Henry's Big Photo Shoot!

We had a very talented photographer in our area offer to do some newborn pictures for us (Charlotte Gardunia). She was awesome to work with and her work speaks for itself.
Here are the wonderful pictures she took. Thanks Charlotte!

What newborn holds his head up like this?

I guess he doesn't trust us because he is sleeping with one eye open ;)

I think Mason has had enough

Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Season's Are A Changing

Lyza and Nixon were really impressed with their work in the sand box
 Like I said last week, Mason loves showing off his building skills
 Henry casting a spell during a diaper change
 These two look so good together
 Nixon had his first day of preschool last week. He was a little nervous but had an awesome time and now he absolutely loves it
 He even rode his bike

 Can you tell they learned about the letter A?
 Our relief society made Henry a quilt with bow ties! So cute
 Henry got his first piece of mail. Of course it came from the Social Security Administration
 We picked our apples this week because we were sick of the squirrels stealing all of them

 Henry and his sloth
 Kim came across a funny quote/meme this week and shortly thereafter she took a video of Mason that proved the point
Although he isn't always such a savage

 Lyza is doing really good at math
 Mason had his first real bath this week
 Nixon reading to Henry. The kids are so sweet and try and help him be happy by reading to him and singing to him
 Nixon made an apple pie for his second day of preschool
 These two played for a long time like this

Who says he needs a crib to sleep in?
 Lyza makes the sweetest things for us. Look at what she made Kim
 Who says planking isn't cool anymore?
 Pretty impressive for a 2 year old
 Reading with Mom is fun to do
 Kim got to go on a date with Nixon and Lyza yesterday golfing
 They had a blast
That's all for now. Take care