Sunday, December 9, 2018

Christmas Parties Already!

Last week I gave Lyza and Nixon our old point and shoot cameras to play with. They had so much fun!
They even put this hat on Henry and took pictures of him
 We had a little bit of an eruption... 
 The kids enjoyed the Tabernacle Choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus during the Christmas devotional last week
 Mason looked cute in this sweater from Peter and Jane's wedding
 Now that Figgie the elf is in our house Nixon really wanted to dress up just like Figgie
 Fruit kabobs make Mason happy
 Mason felt left out of this preschool game
 Henry sitting in the Bumbo
 Mason educating him

 When you get a little snow you play on the trampoline. It didn't last long (the playing and the snow)
 Life is great when the play well together
 I am not sure why Nixon looks so sad
 This daily activity has been a hit with the kids
 Lyza is really good with Henry

 He is way too big for the Bumbo! Look at him taking a selfie
 We did some Christmas crafts together this week

 Our tree looks beautiful again this year (almost like it is the same tree ;) We put it in the living room for the first time this year which is nice because we end out seeing it more
 Every once in a while Lyza will catch a costume bug
 Hot chocolate with mom. Lucky girl!
 Preschool this day was the letter "k" so the kids all got kangaroo pouches and had to collect letter in them
They played pin the star to the Christmas tree
 Mason wasn't even blind folded ;)
 Lyza performed with a primary choir for a Stake/community Christmas event
 There were lots of nativities set up in the gym
 On Saturday night we had our ward Christmas party. Santa was there and all of the kids got to see him and sit with him. Mason was surprisingly fearless
 Lyza presented him with a list of things she wanted
 Nixon was star-struck and completely froze when Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas
 Henry had no issues but didn't say much
 The kids enjoyed their desserts
 I was probably the best dressed
 The boys helped me vacuum afterward
I got pictures of each of the kids before church this morning (Kim obviously didn't have an early meeting this morning)

 Nixon gave a talk in primary and did a great job
Here is a video that Google made for us showing Mason growing up
Now that our two oldest kids are aspiring photographers/videographers they would like to showcase some of their work occasionally on the blog
Here is the picture Nixon chose
Here are a few that I found in his camera roll that I like:
An inhaler can't slow her down
 This captures Mason's personality so well
 Good portrait of Henry
 And here is a video that offers a glimpse into how a 4 year old sees the world
Here is the video Lyza chose
Here are a few that I found on Lyza's camera that I like:
This one is what we see all the time now that the two of them are playing with the cameras
I like this one because it captures Henry's cute belly
I like this one because it has the most beautiful subject I know ;)
 That's all for now, take care!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Would anyone notice if there was no title on a blog post?

We got Lyza's first grade photo. She is so cute!
 I had a hearing this week in Boundary County (Bonner's Ferry, ID, which is about 30 minutes from the border). When I stepped insider the court room I thought I was in the wrong place...
 Handsome Henry
He is also really cute when he laughs
 Mason the Menace...
 Our little paleontologist is so feminine
 Here is Mason giving Henry some love
 Our kids are obsessed with the Nightmare Before Christmas
 Sometimes Mason misses the paper. What is going to happen when he starts potty training? ;)
 The dynamic duo painting together 
 Mason and I had an impromptu photo shoot earlier this week. Here are a few of my favorite photos.

 Henry is 3 months old!
 Nixon wanted to get involved in the shoot
 So did Mason

 These guys played trains together
 Which actually looks more like this
Although there was some time that they played well together
Until Mason got mad and trashed the track
 Mason at the end of his nap
 Kim got all of her ornaments done
 We made sleighs with reindeer at Home Depot yesterday
 Nixon dressed up as the Screenslaver from Incredibles 2
 Nixon was viciously attacked by his younger brother twice this week. It's not a big deal though because everyone just assumes he was scratched by a cat...
 Playing Christmas bingo with Mom
This is what it is like to wake Mason up from a nap
Here is a video of Lyza telling you what she really thinks of me
Take care